Scholarship Selection

1. Appleseed Awards

Appleseed Scholarships are part of a new and innovative self help program for students families, and supporters to earn scholarships. Organizations and businesses can also get involved to support their members, customers, and the communities they serve. To operate at the highest level of efficiency, ABC Ventures will redirect funds normally spent on advertising to provide scholarships and cash awards to applicants who promote the EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA initiative.

Our innovative "bricks and clicks" approach provides "boots on the ground" physical support in communities across America as well as a strong Internet presence with a cause marketing web site that generates scholarship funds through purchases and usage. In addition we have a highly effective and efficient campaign on Facebook and Twitter . We believe the power of our message and the strategic design and development of our program will attract and recruit users who can now leverage their spending to support Black Higher Education.

Our multifaceted marketing approach includes advertising and promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Linkedin; exhibit display at major national conventions, media and press coverage, direct mail, and marketing partnerships and sponsorships with major corporations. A core program will be a national network of Take One displays through businesses and organizations that share our goal of a better educated Black America.

Appleseeds will be a critical element in our campaign to get Black America and its supporters involved. We need smart, intelligent committed people who will utilize their skills and time to raise the level of awareness.Not only will Appleseed generate cash and scholarship awards, it will be an excellent learning experience for people interested in learning about the power of the Internet and social media. As we learn more able this latest phenomenon, we will share our experiences with the Appleseed interns, who can carry forward the lessons learned to their other endeavors. In determining the distribution of scholarship funds, it is natural to support the ones who support you so we are allocating a significant portion of the scholarship funding to Appleseed scholarships and program pay for the interns. If you feel Appleseed is of interest, we look forward to hearing from you. To separate the serious from the wannabes, we are charging a refundable application fee of $100. After a pilot period of 90 days, the membership fee will be returned.

The Appleseed project will begin soon with a limited number of positions for the first phase. The program will not be expanded for 90 days so it is important to take the first step as soon as possible to be included.

The first step in becoming a part of the Appleseed project is to join the ABC Club from our web site. There is no cost to join. Through the ABC Club, members can keep abreast on new developments and how they can seek and better explore personal and business opportunities. There is no requirement for ABC Club members to join Appleseed.

Appleseed members must register for the ABC Club. To apply for Appleseed, complete the form for the ABC Club and add a line stating you would also like to be considered for the Appleseed Project.

Click here to apply
For questions, please contact us online or write us at

ABC Ventures
P.O. Box 19776
10 16th Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21225

2. ABC Club Scholarships

Members of the ABC Club (see About Us) will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing to award scholarships. The amount and number of scholarships will depend on the availability of funds.  Awards are made on an annual basis, limited to one per household per year, and are transferable within the same household.   Participation is prohibited by employees of America's Black Collegians and The Black Higher Education Channel.


These scholarship awards have been established for students attending colleges and universities that have joined the America's Black Collegians Network on The Black Higher Education Channel at By becoming DIVERSITY SEEKERS, these schools have demonstrated their commitment to actively recruit minority students and promote a diverse, multicultural educational environment. Students who attend or plan to attend DIVERSITY SEEKERS schools and are selected to receive America's Black Collegians scholarships will receive the DIVERSITY SEEKERS award in addition to their regular scholarship. Click DIVERSITY SEEKERS for a listing of these colleges and universities. The scholarships for each school will be awarded on the basis of an essay competition. The theme will be "How will the achievement of your educational goals be reflected in positive impacts on your community and school?"

Timing and Selection

America's Black Collegians scholarship recipients are selected throughout the year. The awards are available for study in the Fall, and Spring semesters.