Program Launch Winter 2024

Program Overview

The Park Walk America page on Facebook will carry news and updated discussions on developments in health, fitness, sustainability and environmental awareness. visitors should check it daily for new discoveries and findings

Call to action

We have provided the resources and tools to help people, communities and businesses become more healthy and fit. We have also provided action plans on how to improve and sustain the environment. Put the Power of Green into action by leveraging the dollars you spend into funds for parks and recreational areas. From the clothes you wear, to the music you hear to the books you read, every purchase you make from our web site will help you make a difference. Walmart, Amazon, Macy's, Advanced Auto, and Barnes and Noble are just a few of the nationally known merchants that will give you the highest quality of products and service and also support Park Walk America.

While America is going through its financial crisis, you can be a part of the solution to healthier people, healthier communities healthier parks and generate new funds for parks without raising taxes. The key to success is taking action now. Go to our health You should also help by telling your friends, family, and associates to get involved with Park Walk America.

Click here for prototype brochure [pdf]

About Our Program

Park Walk Middle Branch [pdf] is the first phase of Park Walk Baltimore, a new, innovative, interactive project, providing a new source of funding for parks while promoting better health, better fitness, and a better environment. It is a public private partnership that will make people’s lives more vibrant and help the business community become stronger with a more productive workforce and lower health care costs. Park Walk Baltimore will be followed by Park Walk cities and states across the country. Baltimore will be the first of many cities and states across America that will receive much needed financial support in today's environment of declining budgets and cutbacks. Park Walk Baltimore will use GREEN POWER to improve the health and fitness of its residents and the quality of life for their environment.

Park Walk Baltimore is divided into 4 sections: Park Walk Shopping, For Your Health, For Your Fitness, and For A Greener Environment: that will empower people, communities, businesses, and nonprofits to be catalysts for change

Park Walk America develops healthy people, healthy communities, healthy businesses, and a healthy environment

Now is the time to start making healthy changes!

Business Overview


Park Walk America,, benefits people with better health, better fitness, better parks, and a better environment. This innovative public/private partnership was developed to leverage the purchasing power of America into support for the nation’s parks and recreational areas. Using a unique marketing platform with leading web sites such as WebMD and the President's council on sport physical fitness nutrition, Park Walk America (PWA) gives site visitors the latest available information on health and fitness as well as an online shopping mall that generates park funding. The platform will also include educational materials on sustainability and what we can do to manage our energy needs more effectively and efficiently. Fitness and major health care providers will be promoted through a listing directory in the For Your Fitness and For Your Health sections.

Park funding will be generated through business development consulting, web linkage fees, and a comprehensive array of e-commerce shopping sites. The retail shopping model is based on the successful EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA initiative ( and Upromise ( which together have raised millions of dollars for scholarships since 1988. EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA was developed by ABC Ventures and has included many of America’s top companies as marketing partners. Program participants have included AAA, Dow Jones, American Express, VISA, Progressive Insurance, Earthlink, Expedia, and WorldCom.


States and urban areas will be developed as marketing hubs for local affiliates and providers. The pilot market project, Park Walk Baltimore, will promote the health, fitness, and park resources of the city of Baltimore while educating and promoting the public about the benefits of sustainability and encouraging practical solutions. Park financial support will be directed into stewardship of the local park systems. The marketing platform uses a “bricks and clicks” approach with a comprehensive program that includes an American Express style Take One network, direct sales, telemarketing and e-commerce. ABC Ventures staff will provide management of the Take One Network with assistance from representatives of local businesses, park groups, community-based organizations and nonprofits.


The business revenue potential for parks is based on fees from advertising, web linkages, business sponsorships, and performance-based cause related marketing services provided to the retail, health care, fitness, recreation, and energy management industries.


The PWA Fund will receive up to 75% of the generated revenues. Funds will be made available to nonprofits involved in park stewardship or park and recreation departments on a restricted spending basis. Participating cities and states will receive a pro rata share of Park Walk America funds based on population. Funds will be made available for non-administrative purposes only.

For Your Health

Knowledge is the best prescription for good health today.

You should know about your medical symptoms and issues Park Walk America provides links to the top medical education web sites that will give you the information you need from descriptions, to diagnosis, prescriptions and treatment plans

You should know where to get the health care you require Park Walk America provides comprehensive local medical directories of health care provides that support better health, better fitness, and a better environment

You should know about health care insurance Park Walk America provides answers to many frequently asked questions about health care insurance and includes a selection of top providers that support the goals and objectives of a better you and a better environment

You should know about preventive care and wellness Taking the necessary steps to avoid serious health problems is as important as finding the necessary health care provider. The For Your Health section will include many of the things people need to do to ward off serious illness and injury

You should know about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) To give you the road map and tools you need to navigate your way through the Affordable Care Act, the For Your Health section will include information gathered from the Federal government and other top authorities on benefits and implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act.

For your Fitness


  1. You have all you need to be fit.
  2. Good Health and Fitness can not be bought and sold, it requires work
  3. Being healthy and fit is the greatest wealth

Park Walk America has put together in For Your Fitness a comprehensive array of choices for people to get and remain healthy and fit. In each Park Walk city, the local options will be included in an array that ranges from exercising at home to public recreational facilities to private fitness clubs, Park Walk America will have something for everybody regardless of physical or fiscal condition.

Park Walk America For Your Fitness will also have an online shopping mall that will offer the best and latest products and services available to get and maintain fitness

For A Better

In an effort to incorporate the stewardship of parks and recreational area into the broader agenda of environmentalism, Park Walk America has chosen Sustainability as the focal point to support both initiatives.

The Baltimore Office of Sustainability has developed a comprehensive model whose goal is to meet the current environmental, social, and economic needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet these needs. The Baltimore model, outlined at, focuses on six areas: Cleanliness, Pollution Prevention, Resource Conservation, Greening, Transportation, and Education & Awareness. Park Walk America

Beginning with Park Walk Baltimore, Park Walk America will support the Baltimore Office of Sustainability model and use it to expand its Sustainability initiative to the other cities, counties, and states that become part of the Park Walk America Network.

PWA Cities and States

Baltimore, Maryland will be the first Park Walk city to be followed by many cities and states across America in a unique and innovative public- private partnership. The launch date is Winter, 2024. The initial focus of Park Walk Baltimore will be the Middle Branch (see brochure) and its potential to energize and revitalize the communities surrounding this critical waterway. The Middle Branch is part of the Federal Urban Waters Partnership. Other cities and states will be brought online beginning in Summer, 2024.!

To get your city, state or business involved - email us at
or write us at Park Walk America, Post Office Box 19776, Baltimore, MD 21225


Park Walk Shopping

To help fund the stewardship and development of parks and recreational areas, we developed the Park Walk Mall to give you the ease of shopping online at some of America’s top retailers such as Macy’s, Walmart and Advance Auto as well as local retailers in the metropolitan area that support our important initiative. In most cases, you can shop online, generate funds, and either pick it up at the store or get delivery. Park Walk Shopping in both instances gets the products you want at the best prices and make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to who, what, why, when, and how are the basis to a better understanding of projects, proposals, programs, and businesses.

The answers for Park Walk America follow:

  1. Who

    Park Walk America (PWA) was developed by ABC Ventures, a Baltimore-based corporate development company specializing in building business bottom lines through implementation of strategic marketing programs that support national issues and concerns, i.e., cause marketing. A group of former senior executives and managers of Fortune 500 companies staff the company. Each Park Walk America site will be a public-private partnership with the local public park organization and other park related nonprofits being the recipients of Park Walk America grant funds.

  2. What

    PWA was designed as a multi-faceted approach to empower people, businesses, the nonprofit sector, and the public sector to work in an unprecedented coalition to:

    1. Enhance the quality of life for people and their neighborhoods, cities, and states by leveraging the power of the Internet to maximize medical, fitness, wellness, and environmental (sustainability) education

    2. Promote active participation in fitness and wellness programs to build a healthier workforce that will have higher productivity and morale as well as lower absenteeism and health benefit costs.

    3. Engage national and local businesses in an ecommerce based marketing platform that will build their sales while allocation a portion of their revenues to provide a much needed non-tax revenue base for cities and states to better maintain, develop, and steward America’s parks and recreation areas.

    4. Promote Sustainability of the individual, the neighborhood, the city, and the state as a central theme

  3. Why

    America is facing critical timing problems to address major issues in health care, fitness, environmental stewardship, and under funding of America’s parks and recreational areas.

  4. When

    Further delays in creating solutions make the problems worse. The time for action and a creative innovative solution is now. The first phase of Park Walk America, Park Walk Baltimore is slated to launch September 2023 . Beginning in September 2023, cities and states across the country can have Park Walk sites developed for their markets. The effort will continue until every city and state interested in joining the coalition has its own Park Walk site and funding capability.

  5. How

    Each Park Walk site will have a custom designed web page, linked to the Park Walk America home page, that will be an geographically specific information portal on health, fitness, sustainability, and shopping (see prototype brochure). Businesses listing on the web site will pay linkage and marketing fees that will be allocated to park organizations and public agencies in restricted usage accounts. The net funds, after business expenses, will be specifically used for park maintenance, programming, and development.


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