The America's Black Collegians program was originally launched in 1988 as the America's Black Colleges program with former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm as national spokesperson. Our objective was to leverage the consumer buying power of Black America and other supporters of Black Higher Education into college scholarships using cause-related marketing. The primary focus was the 300,000 students at the over 115 Black colleges and universities.

In 1998, the program was expanded to benefit the over 1.5 million Black students at all of America's colleges and universities and renamed "America's Black Collegians." to provide for the that are pursuing their dream of a college education. The program was revised to recognize the fact that although Black colleges and universities have been and continue to be the foundation of much of the success of Black America, over 75% of Black college students attend other schools.

Cause-related marketing is a pure exercise in economic empowerment. It allows consumers to buy top quality products and services and simultaneously financially support worthy causes. Supporting college scholarships through cause-related marketing is different and distinct from traditional charitable giving by individuals and businesses. For years, the United Negro College Fund and the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund have provided significant support to Black colleges and universities through the money people and businesses donate. America's Black Collegians has the same goals and mission as these two fine organizations but a different strategy. American's Black Collegians neither solicits nor accepts charitable donations. America's Black Collegians scholarships are completely funded by fees generated by consumer and commercial purchase of the products and services provided by our corporate marketing partners.

Our strategy is to convert and leverage the almost $2 trillion spent by Black Americans, Black businesses, and other supporters of Black Higher Education. Working independently on parallel paths, charitable giving and cause-related marketing can maximize the available resources for scholarship support. Charitable giving leverages the money people donate and cause-related marketing converts the money spent. Taken together, these two approaches empower people and businesses to support the colleges and students for financial support. Collectively, these two funding vehicles can maximize the amount of financial aid for deserving students. America's Black Collegians has assembled a group of America's leading companies to ensure program participants get the highest value for their spending dollars. The program allows people to get the best prices and values while doing the right thing.

We at America's Black Collegians believe that there is no more important investment in our future than our investment in our children. The youth of America today represent the leaders of tomorrow. We can serve no better goal than to ensure that no stone is left unturned to provide financial assistance to students willing to accept the challenge and determined to achieve the dream of a college education.

Together we can make a difference in some lives
that will build and better America's future and prosperity.

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